Uber's UberPool Car-Sharing Service is Coming to London This Year

By Tom Pritchard on at

Uber has announced that its UberPool car-sharing service will be launching in London before the year is up. Uber chief exec Travis Kalanick believes that it will remove up to one million cars from the city's overly congested roads.

Some of you may be aware that Uber's mini-cab service is already operating within the city, something the cabbies haven't been too happy about. UberPool will allow the existing drivers to combine trips and carry more than one passenger at a time. Assuming, of course, that parts of the journey overlap.

It's likely that UberPool's launch is going to cause more trouble with the local taxi firms again, since Kalanick told The Telegraph that a £21 trip in a black cab would cost a mere £6 with UberPool.

He does admit that the company will likely have another fight on its hands, especially since opponents of the service claim that the service acts like a taxi meter -- which is not permitted for private cars. But according to TfL Uber has yet to beak any laws. Whether that opinion changes with the launch of UberPool has yet to be seen. [The Telegraph via DigitalSpy]

Featured image Getty vis The Independent