Want to Feel like You're Burning Alive? Better Try Out This Cremation Simulator 'Ride'

By Tom Pritchard on at

In the days of gory entertainment it's hardly surprising that people are finding they need to find more and more extreme scenarios to get their scare fix. In another serious 'wtf' moment, it turns out China has a theme park ride that can only be described as a cremation simulator.

Officially known as the '4D Death Simulator', the ride can be found at the Window of the World theme park in Shenzen, China. The ride involves a person climbing into a coffin and then placed into a mock-up of a cremation furnace. While you won't actually be burnt to ashes, the interior can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius. There's nothing else to it really, you're lying in a coffin in a 40 degree room for a short period of time.

22-year-old Ting Shen said, "You really feel like you’re being burnt alive. I feel like I died and came back."

A park spokesperson has said that the right is completely safe and offers people the chance to indulge one of the stranger fantasies there is, saying "People have a morbid fascination with death and the after-life and this is a good way of experiencing both."

As it turns out the experience is popular, but is not so popular with the park's older clientèle. I wonder why that could be? [Metro]