What are Your Least Favourite Buildings in Britain?

By Matt Hill on at

Earlier this week China's president Xi Jinping railed against his own country's "weird architecture" culture, pointing a blameful finger towards Beijing's squatting legs-like CCTV headquarters. No doubt the People's Daily journalist reporting it nodded sagely, too, considering this is where their employees are made to work every day.

But while China has its fair share of architectural corkers, it got us in the Giz office wondering about the most weird, wonderful and misstep-laden buildings that our fine nation has ever erected in earnest.

The maze-like Sixties dystopia of Poplar's Robin Hood Gardens pictured above is an insta-vote from our Gerald for demolition – he makes it sound kind of fun when he says "it's like something out of Half-Life", although he had turned white as he said it. In turn, he finds the Millennium Dome unexpectedly "optimistic. This is the future, this is the next millennium."

Mr Tomlin's more mainstream vote for the Shard to be scrapped, because "the top should join up", perhaps won't cut much mustard with the Ugly Skyscraper Commission, but his upvote for Brighton's Royal Pavilion is particularly deserved.

So what say you, Gizmodo Retrospective Planning Board? What buildings are on another level and which should just get levelled?

Image Credit: Claudio Divizia at Shutterstock