Why is Everyone in Terminator: Genisys Shouting?

By Matt Hill on at

Yes, that image above is our former Doctor, Matt Smith, gun-gurning in a quite uncivilised way for a ridiculously OTT Terminator: Genisys photo shoot for US mag Entertainment Weekly. He's not alone, either, with those Killzone-esque guns seemingly powered by hysterical screaming in this brave new dystopian future.

While Schwarzenegger's big "I'll be back" comeback doesn't hit cinemas till next July, the first details of the plot released alongside these pics involve a rather distorted timeline from the one we're accustomed to. Sarah Connor is now orphaned at the age of nine then raised and trained by Arnie's aged T-800 who she calls "Pops", which is, erm, novel. Kyle Reese is also in it – not Michael Biehn, alas – heading back from 2029 to 1984 for some reason or another.

From those briefest of snippets and the "live from the Top Gear test track" shoot, this is beginning to whiff rather heavy of a straight-to-Netflix nightmare. We just really hope that everyone involved kept asking themselves…

Well, you would, wouldn't you? [Entertainment Weekly via First Showing]