Windows 10 Video Walkthrough: Where Were You Two Years Ago?

By Eric Limer on at

Windows 10 is here! Kind of! You can go pick up a very stripped down Technical Preview of the big, bad, Start Menu-bearing operating system right now. But if you don't want to load up a pretty beta OS, we went through the trouble for you. These are the highlights.

The Start Menu, window snapping, and virtual desktops are looking great, but there are plenty of great Windows 10 features that aren't here yet. That includes Continuum, which will help hybrid devices switch from mouse-based to finger-based automatically, or (the rumoured) Cortana in the search menu. Still, it's easy to see that Windows 10 is headed in the right direction. It's a mouse-first-but-also-touch direction Windows 8 should have been heading in years ago. Better late than never.