X-Wing and TIE Fighter are Finally Getting Digital Re-Releases

By Kotaku UK on at

Jeez, it only took decades, but two of the finest space combat games – not to mention best Star Wars games – of all time are about to get a re-release.

Special digital versions of both X-Wing and TIE Fighter will soon be released on Good Old Games. They'll be $10 each, and while we don't know an exact UK price yet it's around £6 converted.

For that price you're getting not just the special editions of the games (which had slightly higher resolutions and improved sound, as well all of both games' expansions), but editions of the games that will run on a modern PC without needed to tinker.

Note that the announcement of both games comes via a GoG forum notice, which spilled the beans a little early. Similar postings reveal other classic Lucasarts games will also be coming to GoG, such as Fate of Atlantis, KOTOR and Sam & Max.

TIE Fighter [GOG]

X-Wing [GOG]

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