Xbox One November Update Will Let You Tweet, and Flaunt Your Achievements

By Gerald Lynch on at

It feels like not a week goes by without Microsoft rolling out new updates to its Xbox One console, and significant ones at that. As part of the November update, Xbox One gamers will be able to share their most brag-worthy gameplay clips to Twitter.

In the US only, initially, TV shows trending on Twitter will appear in the OneGuide. The 20 most-watched shows, updated by the minute, will also be viewable in a new menu tab -- again, initially a US-only feature.

Those that want a little more control over the look of the console will also get tools that will allow them to set achievement artwork as the interface background. Photos stored on a USB stick or in the console's library can also be set as the Xbox's backdrop.

Gamers will also have the option of sharing their location and bio as part of their profiles, and also set their most-prized achievements and gameplay clips to be showcased on profile pages.

All this, along with a handful of SmartGlass and Internet Explorer bug fixes, will roll out to Preview Program Xbox One users in the coming days, before being extended to the wider Xbox audience next month. [Xbox Wire]