You Can Really Make Your Kindle Lighter by Uninstalling Books

By Gary Cutlack on at

Brainy people answering the theoretical question of how much data weighs have come up with an answer, suggesting that, yes, a Kindle loaded with thousands of ebooks will weigh more than one with only the pre-loaded manual onboard.

According to computer science professor John D. Kubiatowicz, a fully loaded Kindle would weigh more than an empty one, as the extra energy of the trapped electrons that make up the positive binary digits digital data is comprised of would add to the device's weight.

It's quite a small difference, though. One so small even the most sensitive scales in existence couldn't measure it. So finally giving up and uninstalling Moby Dick will only lessen the mental burden it presents, not the physical. [NYT via Cult of Mac]

Image credit: Weightlifter from Shutterstock