You Can Finally Buy This Removable Battery-Equipped Power Bar

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Last year, we lusted after Pickup Power, a Quirky-approved power strip with a built-in portable battery that could charge gadgets. And now that versatile little power pack is finally for sale.

You can buy the 4,000 mAh Power Pack in black or white for $80 (£50 excl. delivery) and the 6,000 mAh for $100 (£62 excl. delivery) at Quirky's store. The only difference aside from capacity is that the smaller Power Pack only comes with one USB port on the removable battery, while the larger one comes with two. Both come with three power plugs and a handsome looking design.

Those prices seem steep for a power strip, even in the knowledge that a back up battery alone will set you back about $80 (£50). With the Pickup Power, you basically get the convenience for free, essentially. For readers in the UK it is also worth bearing in mind that delivery to the UK from Quirky's site costs $30 (£19) – so you're going to really need to want one. [Quirky]

You Can Finally Buy This Brilliant, Removable Battery-Equipped Power Bar