Your Ashes Can be Sent Into Space to Return to Earth as Snow or Rain

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are a lot of things that can be done with your body after you die. You could be buried, handed over to medical science, turned into a tree, or blasted into space for an eternity amongst the stars. Mesoloft has a different idea, they're offering the chance for your ashes to be sent to the edge of space so that they can be released and become the nucleus for raindrops and snowflakes.

The ashes are sent to a height of 17 miles on a weather balloon before they're released into the stratosphere. Two GoPro cameras film the event, and a GPS trigger releases the ashes when the balloon reaches the correct height. The family and friends of the deceased are able to view the video through Mesoloft's website, as well as being able to see real-time GPS data of the ascent.

Mesoloft co-founder Chris Winfield told CNET that the idea was inspired by the process in which volcanic ash and dust from the Sahara travels the globe, saying:

"We know that the ashes will likely travel for months and possibly years as they get carried by the currents in the upper atmosphere. The ashes will eventually descend and settle all around the globe. Moisture adheres to ashes that pass through clouds and the ash will form the nucleus of a raindrop or snowflake. I love the story, it's so poetic!"

Of course it's not a cheap thing to do, with prices starting at $2,800 (£1,738) and going all the way up to $7,500 (£4,660) for a package that combines the launch with a customised memorial ceremony.

While it certainly won't be for everyone, having your ashes used as the fuel for rain and snow is definitely a lot more interesting than the traditional burial or cremation. [CNET]