You've Now Got 30 Days to Catch Up With BBC iPlayer Shows

By Gerald Lynch on at

The BBC's continued tweaking of its iPlayer catch-up service continues this week, with the broadcasting titan announcing that viewers will now have 30 days to watch shows and listen to radio programmes hosted on the platform.

A year since BBC Director General Tony Hall first announced that the change would be coming, it's a significant extension of iPlayer show availability. Though there were a few exceptions, the majority of iPlayer content was only available for seven days until this latest update.

“There is a huge demand to make programmes available for longer on BBC iPlayer – as we continue to see people search for their favourite programmes after the seven-day catch up window,” explained Ralph Rivera, Director of Future Media at the BBC.

With the ability to download and keep shows for up to 30 days, you now effectively have 60 days to catch iPlayer content within (provided you download a show on the last day of its 30-day availability cycle). With the recommendations-powered redesign rolling out earlier this year, all that remains from BBC's proposed iPlayer overhaul is the introduction of the BBC Store, which will allow viewers to buy, download and keep shows permanently. [BBC iPlayer]