A City is Using Grindr and Emoji to Make its Streets Safer 

By Sarah Zhang on at

Pedestrian safety is not sexy. Important? Sure. But the first thing on your mind when following your hookup out of the bar? Nah. Still, West Hollywood wants to be fun and safe, and its pedestrian safety campaign is very squarely aimed at its young, hip, and gay partygoers. Emoji? Grindr? Taylor Swift parody? Check check check.

West Hollywood is famous for its rainbow road-crossing, but the party crowds and thick traffic have been a deadly combination: 88 car-pedestrian collision, three fatal, since 2011 according to the LA Times.

West Hollywood has recently unveiled a campaign that involves sexy guys. For one, there are bus shelters ads with ads featuring hunky, shirtless men that say, "Make eye contact with drivers before you cross the street" and "You might like what you see in the crosswalk." They've also taken out ads on Grindr.

A City Is Using Grindr and Emoji To Make Its Streets Safer 

West Hollywood's mayor even put out an official press release written in emoji. And because everything needs a viral video now, here's your pedestrian safety version of "Shake It Off," now viewed 180,000 times.

Yeah, it's all pretty cheesy, but it seems to be getting people to pay attention.