After Nintendo Ecstasy, What Other Drugs Will Be Gamified?

By Matt Hill on at

Poor old Nintendo. It can't seem to buy a Wii U sales bump on these shores for all the great games it's releasing of late, yet can find its family-friendly legacy pulled into a classic red-top kiddie drug scandal. Rule Britannia.

But while three 14-year-olds were this week being rushed to a Macclesfield hospital thanks to taking "super strength" ecstasy pills with Mario's company logo unwillingly embossed on them – hospitalised but not critical, thankfully, although newspaper headlines don't seem to be shouting that quite as loudly – it got us thinking about what other ways could drugs be partial to a little light gamification.

After all, "Nintendos" aren't new, they've been cropping up for a while, reportedly first surfacing in Belgium as a boosted MDMA upgrade on previously brand-borrowing pills such as Mitsubishi. Presumably there's a drug dealer right now thinking how they switch it up a notch but still keep their game face on?

“We’re rolling everywhere, staring at my lampshade and laughing for ages, saying how pretty the walls and lights are,” says one user entry for Nintendos on Pill Reports, which we guess could be a fair approximation of the Mushroom Kingdom, though more likely Rainbow Road.

So what drug experiences – real or imagined – could be named and shaped after parts of gaming culture – and how would they work? Let us know down below.

For us, that Nintendo pill colouring looks uncomfortably like Cake from Brass Eye. But then Clarky Cat does sound a bit like a Mario Kart 8 DLC add-on character…

Image Credit: Pill Reports