All 556 Asteroids That Hit Earth in the Past 20 Years Shown on One Map

By Sarah Zhang on at

NASA has released a new map of every single asteroid that entered Earth's atmosphere from 1994 to 2013. Although almost all 556 of the asteroids disintegrated harmlessly, this well-splattered map shows us exactly how common asteroids strikes are and how often our atmosphere saves our skins.

This map from NASA's Near Earth Objects (NEO) programme is based on government sensors, and it is more complete than a previous map drawn from data of instruments used to detect nuclear blasts. The largest dot is over Chelyabinsk, Russia, where a 10,000-ton chunk of space rock memorably exploded in 2013.

The heat and pressure of passing through Earth's air breaks up the smaller asteroids whose paths collide with the Earth's. But there are a lot of rocks slinging through space, big rocks too, and we aren't doing a very good job of tracking them. [NASA]

Click the image below to see it in full size: