Amazon Will Now Deliver Straight to Your Local Post Office

By Gerald Lynch on at

The busy Christmas shopping period is just around the corner, and Amazon wants to give you no excuses to be spending your money on the high street rather than at its online store. It's just announced that it's partnered with the Post Office, allowing you to choose to have your parcels delivered to its branches directly. No more coming home to find the postie has left your books and games out in the rain.

10,500 Post Offices will be added to Amazon's Pickup Location Programme, bringing the number of stops from which you can collect your packages up to 16,000 in the UK. Considering Amazon's own delivery service was on track to wipe out Post Offices, this'll benefit the branches as much as it does Amazon and its customers. Of course, there has to be something in it for Amazon too, so the service will be yet another incentive to sign up to its Prime subscription deal; free with Prime, Post Office deliveries will otherwise cost standard First Class post rates. [Amazon]