An 'Alien' Facehugger Dog Leash That Won't Get Away From Your Bitch

By Gerald Lynch on at

If there's one nice thing that can be said about the Alien franchise's creepy facehuggers, it's that they've got one hell of a grip. Once they latch on, they ain't letting go until they're...finished with you. Just ask John Hurt. Which is what makes Gotham City FX's decision to design a dog leash around the spider-like beast such an inspired choice.

Designed to fit a "medium sized dog" (that's between 6kg and 16kg), the leash is secured around the neck and chest of your pooch with velcro. Airbrushed and made of a light-but-durable mesh, the real kicker is the tail -- that's the actual lead bit that your dog will walk from.

Priced at £108 (including UK shipping from the States), there's no money back should you wake up one morning to find your dog has shared the same fate as Alien 3's labrador. [Storenvy Bloody Disgusting]