An Aluminium Rolling Pin Makes So Much Sense

By Chris Mills on at

"If every kitchen needs a rolling pin, then why not have it made from anodised aluminium?" So speaks Kevin Vann, one of the creators of aforementioned pin. And he speaks sense.

Seriously, though: why has the metal rolling pin never caught on? It seems like a much better option to wood — you get a nice tapered shape with the right weight, a surface that should prevent the dough from sticking to it, and the ability to chill your pin before rolling, so you don't get the dough warm.

If you're not already angrily waving a saucepan and shouting about non-traditionalists ruining kitchens, you can get one of KVM's pins for $40 (£26). Sadly, it's still a Kickstarter project at this stage, but since it's already funded (and a single piece of tapered metal is pretty hard to fuck up, even for Kickstarter), the shipping date of February next year sounds reasonable. [Kickstarter]