BAE Claims Rosetta Tech Will Help Monitor Nuclear Sub Atmospheres

By Gary Cutlack on at

Atmosphere-tasting tech based on "lessons learned" during the European Space Agency's  Rosetta Mission could one day find itself working in the UK's fleet of nuclear submarines,

BAE Systems and researchers from The Open University have collaborated to build a system capable of analysing dozens of gas types, with a latency of less than one minute. That sounds like ages in today's tech world, but is apparently vastly superior to current atmospheric safety technology in use around the world.

BAE has handed Analox Military Systems £1m to begin developing the prototype into an actual thing, with BAE's Mark Scaife explaining: "The Atmosphere Analyser is capable of giving real-time readings to crews so they can react quickly to any dangerous build-up of gases, an invaluable safeguard and one that can potentially save lives." [BAE]