Behind the Scenes of Blood Manor, One of NYC's Scariest Haunted Houses

By Leslie Horn on at

Walk through New York City's Blood Manor in the dark, and you might have a heart attack. Explore it with the lights up and you'll see a series of simple tech tricks designed to scare the pants off you.

We got a look inside the haunted house last October with co-owner Jim Faro, who got his start in the 80s turning his Queens home into an elaborate spooky manor. Eventually a hobby turned into a full-fledged seasonal operation—one that does enough business from the beginning of October through the first weekend of November to lease the West Village space year-round.

So it's no surprise that Halloween revelers flock to Blood Manor in droves. But what is it that's actually giving them a fright? It's a series of simple puzzle pieces really: a bunch of animatronics triggered by pressure pads to make zombies pop out of nowhere; projectors that emit images of ghostly figures; creative lighting that disorients you differently in each room; actors made up to look like deranged doctors, butchers, werewolves, and a garden variety of ghouls; and of course, smoke machines and heaping doses of scary, scary sounds.

Alone, these spook-coutrements might raise a hair or two. But throw some simple tech together, add a smattering of fake blood and frightening flair, and Blood Manor becomes something truly terrifying.

Blood Manor is open Tuesday-Sunday from now until November 2nd.

Video by Michael Hession