BT Teams With HTC and EE to Zero in on 999 Mobile Call Locations

By Gerald Lynch on at

When you're stuck down a ditch with your leg hanging off, the last thing you want is the ambulance crew you've just yelled down the phone to looking for your crumpled body in the wrong spot, several miles away. A new system developed by HTC, EE and BT should help alleviate that fear -- it allows emergency services to pinpoint a 999 caller to within 30 metres, compared to the several kilometres of the present method.

Dialling 999 will automatically send a text message to a BT operator, who verifies it and forwards your location to the required emergency service. Handy, considering you may not be in a position to describe your location if you've come into a spot of bother.

For now, the technology is limited to only HTC's handsets, and those calling from HTC phones on an EE network signal. But considering the life-saving potential of the innovation, you'd hope that other networks and handset manufacturers would follow suit. [BT]

Image Credit: Ambulance from Shutterstock