Coffee Doesn't Dehydrate, Goldfish Don't Have Three-Second Memories, and 50 Other Falsehoods Debunked

By Gerald Lynch on at

Napoleon, short? Nah, he was 5.7, an average height for his era. Also, bulls are actuallycolourblind and couldn't give a crap about that red cloak you're waving in front of them, and the Great Wall of China? Good luck seeing it from space.

They're just a handful of the so-called facts that this chart from Information is Beautiful debunks (and there's a follow-up spreadsheet with even more false-facts to re-learn, complete with informative references).

With 52 debunked falsehoods listed below, there's one to memorise for every week of the year, making sure you won't like like an utter idiot the next time you lead the pub quiz team. [Information is Beautiful via io9]