Could an Xbox One Slim Console be in the Works?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Microsoft's Xbox One console has had a tough first year on the market, consistently failing to beat the rival Sony PlayStation 4 in monthly sales tallies, and battling against the lingering mixed-messages of its launch period. Could Microsoft be looking to reveal a slimline version of its console, sooner rather than later, in an attempt to turn the tide?

That's what a newly-uncovered processor seems to suggest. An AMD design manager updated his LinkedIn work history recently, revealing that he'd been working on a "cost-reduced" version of the Xbox One's processor. Processor advancements usually mean smaller, more heat-efficient chipsets -- the perfect precursor to smaller, more heat-efficient consoles. AMD's leaked roadmap suggests that its next line of CPU "Faraway Islands" architecture will make an appearance in 2015, which could putĀ a slimline Xbox One front and centre of Microsoft's battle plan for next Christmas. Perhaps it will finally ditch the disc drive (as per Microsoft's original Xbox One plans) and run cooler thanks to the processor, negating the need for huge fans and casing. [Eurogamer]