Damien Hirst's Latest Artworks Turn Scalpels Into City Maps

By Jamie Condliffe on at

British artist Damien Hirst is often controversial, but his latest works are unlike the pieces he's put together before: intricate depictions of cities from above, created using a variety of sharps, from scalpels to safety pins.

The works, on show at the White Cube Gallery, depict 17 cities, including São Paolo, Moscow, New York, Beijing, and even Vatican City (the image above is Rome). The pictures are made up from scalpels, razor blades, safety pins, and hooks, creating buildings, roads, and rivers is dangerous 3D. You can see way more over at Design Boom.

Hirst claims that the images address the theme of surveillance, and that they "dissect... deep-rooted, society-wide anxieties over surveillance... [and] the digitization of warfare." What do you think? [Design Boom]

Image by Prudence Cuming associates Ltd/White Cube