'Day of the Dead' Soundtrack Reissued in 'Zombie Bub Flesh and Blood' Vinyl

By Matt Hill on at

Alas, too late for Halloween, but this not-quite-timely Day of the Dead reissue is above being a rubbish fancy-dress-party prop anyway.

According to Instagram posts by former White Zombie guitarist J Yuenger, who has remastered the score to George A Romero's 1985 horror classic for a new Waxwork Records reissue, the fresh vinyl comes in a variety of "horrific" colours, including "zombie Bub flesh/blood red split". He's not joking either…

Aside from the new, nicely creepy colourways, much else remains the same with the presentation of John "Tales from the Darkside" Harrison's classic score. The cover art is as was, as are Romero's liner notes, who didn't appear to have anything to add.

Harrison's wonderfully Eighties, occasionally psychotic score is a bit of a guilty pleasure in the Giz office, but hey, if you invest and don't like it, you can always just whack it in the back of your vinyl box and recreate the Shaun of the Dead garden scene next Halloween. Now after us: "Throw it!" [jyuenger via Modern Vinyl]