DC Comics Thwacks Valencia FC With Attempted Batman Logo Ban

By Matt Hill on at

People who make heaps of money out of something love stopping others from doing the same. Of course, this is fairly clear cut when a knock-off market stall is flogging Bleats headphones with already-peeling-off capital Bs on the ears, but less so when the supposed infringer has been peddling your logo for 20 years longer than you have.

Yet that's not stopped Batman creator DC Comics reporting Spanish footie team Valencia, the Champions League regular where the likes of Davids Silva and Villa made their name, to the European Union's trademark arm for flagrant use of a bat logo on their club badge.

The document above is from the fantastically named, Spain-based Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, which manages trademark registration for Europe. But according to an 11-page document just obtained by BBC Sport, the New York arm of DC Comics started this copyright action back in May 2013. So what's the on-running beef then?

Well, the ears aren't pointed and the wings sag down rather than stand up, but it's certainly a bat, no doubt about it.

Problem being, of course, that Valencia have been using a pretty close approximation of said crest since 1919, some 20 years before Batman popped into Bob Kane's head. It's also supposedly referencing a local legend that dates back to 1238, when what would turn out to be a lucky bat landed on James I's flag just before he reclaimed the city. So if we're talking history, the Spanish are racing to an easy victory.

But to be fair, we are thinking of Batman the more we look at that badge. As long as the Valencia club shop isn't flogging little shirt-adorned Batmen dolls or rebranding their logo and training kit to look more like the Caped Crusader, we're sure it's fine…


Yeah, this one's going to extra time. [BBC]

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