Design Council Chucking £300k at Dreamers and Makers of Stuff

By Gary Cutlack on at

The new Design Council Spark scheme comes with a £300,000 kitty, money that it wants to "energise" the UK's physical product design world. A bit like that thing Dyson's been doing for years.

Anyone with a "brilliant" product idea can submit their thoughts with a chance of winning some development assistance and money, so if you've had the plans for a new kind of revolutionary egg-boiling system bubbling around in your head for years, get it sketched out and sent in.

30 of the best physical product ideas win a place on a development workshop, before 10 of those are chosen to progress and pick up a £15,000 prize. Winners enter a 20-week mentoring process, before three projects are picked out at the end to win a further £50k. You have until the end of January to enter. [Spark]