DICE Has 'Battlefield 4' Running on iPad as a "Tech Demo"

By Kotaku UK on at

While a mobile version of Battlefield 4 doesn't look like it's on the way just yet, DICE is testing it on iOS as "the next step" in getting its Frostbite engine running on the platform.

Over at the Frostbite website, DICE's Kristoffer Benjaminsson describes the new demo. The team has already dabbled with mobile development, mentioning the Battlefield 4 Commander App and an Apple WWDC Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare tech demo on iPad Air, which had "1.3 million triangles showing up on screen simultaneously, showing what the engine was capable of".

The next step, he says, is "to get parts of Battlefield 4 running on iOS". Previously, hardware limitations meant DICE had to reduce object counts and complexity, or overall visual quality, to deal with various dynamic Frostbite features "such as destruction or moving light sources". Apparently, that all changed with Apple's Metal graphics API, and now the team can run the engine with "both high visual fidelity and a large number of objects".


So far  Kristoffer stresses that "this has been a tech demo to test the engine capabilities, and nothing else". Getting Battlefield 4 running on iOS is to "see exactly how far we could take the engine on mobile".

You can make the "should have got Battlefield 4 running on PC/PS4/Xbox first" jokes now.

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