'Doctor Who': What's Your Verdict on Peter Capaldi as the Doctor?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Had there ever been more anticipation surrounding the unveiling of a new Doctor for the BBC's Doctor Who than that which preceded Peter Capaldi's arrival on the scene? Previously best known as sweary Malcolm Tucker from The Thick of It, he was a somewhat surprising choice to lead what essentially remains a family show.

Older, darker and meaner, it's a controversial portrayal of the Doctor, which has delighted and infuriated in equal measure. A series that has had perhaps the most clearly defined character arc of any Doctor Who show-run yet, it also sometimes ran the risk of being a bit too adult in its themes, lacking the warmth that earlier seasons have had.

It's been a risky series for the BBC then. As we approach the concluding episode this weekend, do you feel like Capaldi has lived up to expectations? Is his take on the Doctor refreshing, or frustrating? Has the storyline this season given him enough room to shine? Or should they have just turned back time and got Brian Blessed to man the Tardis after all?Sign off in the comments section below, and be sure to give your final thoughts wants the last episode airs on BBC One at 8pm this November 8th.