Ducks Gorging on Fish and Chips are Laying Broken Eggs

By Gary Cutlack on at

People need telling not to feed ducks fish and chips. That's the shock news out of Northumberland, where bird experts claim that fat ducks stuffed to bursting with chips from kindly tourists are not getting the nutrition they need from Britain's favourite convenience food.

Wildlife expert Chris Watson told the BBC: "Normally eider ducks eat shellfish not fish and chips. There's a problem because they are such attractive, friendly birds to feed, and yet the food that we are giving them - bread and things like that - is actually causing a dietary problem."

The problem being they're so full of chips they don't get the calcium their bodies need to create egg shells, so their eggs are failing and their populations are falling. So don't feed ducks fish and chips. [BBC]

Image credit: Ducks from Shutterstock