eBay's "Connected Wall" Might be the Future of Posh Shopping

By Gary Cutlack on at

eBay has teamed up with a megabucks clothes retailer to create what it claims is the future of shopping, building a physical retail space full of touchscreens, mirrors, automated dressing rooms and various other digital buzzwords.

The connected store demo basically shows a shop with a massive touchscreen on one wall, upon which you can look at the shop's web site. We're not entirely sure how this is better than just staying at home and looking at the web site while seeing if what you want is cheaper on Amazon in another tab, but take a look for yourself:

One potentially useful touch is the ability to have clothes sent to the changing room then have a text message sent to your phone when it's your turn to catch a glimpse of your semi-naked body in the least flattering light imaginable, but it's surely only a feature that's of use in the sort of expensive, sparsely-attended boutique shops only the nouveau riche float around in. [Wired]