Evil Dead TV Series with Raimi and Campbell to Bloody Up Your Tellybox

By Matt Hill on at

We remember when you had to buy Evil Dead on unmarked VHS tapes under tables in pubs. But after a highly lucrative cinema reboot last year, the formerly video-nasty franchise is to be beamed to anyone with access to a screen.

Starz, the HBO-alike behind "Games of Thrones with pirates" series Black Sails – an enjoyably silly Sunday afternoon watch on Amazon Instant Video, we find – has commissioned a 10-episode run of Ash Vs Evil Dead, a telly follow-up penned by none other than original writer-director Sam Raimi with his brother and Darkman co-writer Ivan.

Just as importantly, cult chin Bruce Campbell is also back on board to brandish the boomstick, alongside a little light producing as he did with the big-screen remake. As is the way with TV, Raimi will get down and dirty directing the first episode, which airs in the US next year, before donning his production-only hat and handing over the camera to, we assume, a roster of rotating directors.

With subscription telly getting ever-bloodier, bringing Ash's gore-laden, one-handed war against a demonically possessed undead horde to the mainstream certainly makes more sense than it once did. That said, Netflix's straight-to-VOD stinker Hemlock Grove is a hard smell for TV horror to shake – although Raimi and Campbell are certainly the chaps to shake it.

Either way, upon hearing the news I fear Gerald will be shuffling around with a face like this all day… [Deadline]