Facebook Just Made it Super Easy to Boot Junk Out of Your Newsfeed

By Leslie Horn on at

Facebook's rolling out a handy little update that lets manage your Newsfeed better and see what pages or people seeing the most of in your Newsfeed, and banish it to kingdom come. Goodbye forever, Stupid Blog I Hate.

In the settings portion of Facebook, select Manage News Feed. From there you'll see a Summary page that shows what you've seen most in the last week, and who you've unfollowed. Right there you can choose to either re-follow or unfollow, and from a menu at the top of this window, you can get as specific as people, pages and groups.

Facebook Just Made It Super Easy to Boot Junk Out of Your Newsfeed

So far, I'm only seeing this update on the Facebook app, but you should be able to have these options on the desktop too. Looking at this just remind me how many of my cousins I've unfollowed on Facebook. (Sorry, Debbie!) But less of the stuff you don't like on Facebook is good for everyone. [TNW]