Fighting Over a Polaroid TV at Asda? Black Friday Hysteria Reaches the UK

By Gerald Lynch on at

UK retailers have been pushing to replicate the mad Black Friday scenes we see from across the Atlantic for ages, and it looks like they've finally pulled it off this year, much to the dismay of supermarket security guards nationwide.

And it's the most unlikely of settings for the worst scrum, fuelled by the most unlikely of gadget deals. Asda stores in London have put a small number of 40-inch Polaroid TVs up for sale at just £140, and there have been literal brawls as shoppers have tried to claim one:


Yep, all this for a television that's actually another brand's offcuts with the Polaroid logo slapped on the box:


Several supermarkets have had to close early, while police have also been called to three London Tesco branches. Similar scenes were occurring in Belfast, Cardiff and Manchester, with two arrests made at a Tesco branch in Stretford, Trafford. Keep it classy, guys.

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