Gnasher Finally Gets Chipped After 50 Years as an Untraceable Ruffian

By Gary Cutlack on at

Dennis the Menace's famous pet is now in possession of an implanted ID chip, as part of a push to encourage all dog owners to get their hairy friends officially registered.

Gnasher's chipping experience features in the current edition of the Beano, with the Dogs Trust somehow expecting a storyline in a childrens' comic to convince adult pet owners to add their animals to the national database.

Beano editor Craig Graham said: "Gnasher is always giving Dennis the slip, in fact I’d say it’s an average of about three times a week, so a microchip will be invaluable in identifying him and making sure that he always manages to get home safely."

The Dogs Trust is currently offering free microchipping of dogs, ahead of 2016 when it'll become a legal requirement to have your dog chipped in England. [Chip My Dog via Guardian]