Government Wants Every Internet User's IP Address Stored for Posterity

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest attempt at pushing through UK internet security measures has been revealed by the government, which would like to see ISPs storing IP address data that could identify individual computers and mobile devices online. Just in case you go rogue with the death threats in the Daily Mail comments.

According to the BBC, home secretary Theresa May is set to announce the requirement to log individual machine addresses this week, which, to make it sound extremely important, will be housed within the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill.

James Massey from the Internet Service Providers Association isn't a fan, though, claiming it'll cost tens and perhaps hundreds of millions of pounds for ISPs to implement, and might not do the job at all. Massey told the BBC: "It looks like it could catch people who post annoying things on Twitter or not very nice things on social media -- but not those who know how to hide their online activities. It's not a sensible thing to have decided to do without consulting us first." [BBC]

Image credit: Numbers from Shutterstock