'Grand Theft Auto Publisher' Tested Microsoft Virtual Reality Headset, Thinks Gaming Isn't Ready for VR

By Gerald Lynch on at

The first time I saw the first person view of the remastered edition of Grand Theft Auto V, I thought that it must be a future-proofing exercise for when the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset launches, to work alongside the PC version of the game. If you thought the game looked realistic in third person, you've really got to give it a go in first person, too. But, given comments by the CEO of GTA publisher Take-Two, that may actually be rather unlikely.

Take-Two's CEO Strauss Zelnick was chatting to Bloomberg TV when he was asked whether or not gaming was ready for virtual reality, to which he replied:

Not yet. Part of it is we need to see how the headsets roll out and how we can best deliver an experience... We are concerned that you'll play our games for a long period of time -- we don't want people getting nauseated. And also, having had the experience, I'm not sure how long you want an immersive headset on your head. We'll find out. I will say this. If that's what consumers want, we'll be first in line to give it to them.

In a revealing, off-hand remark, Zelnick also stated that he had been given a demonstration of a virtual reality headset by Microsoft too, which he described as an "immersive" experience, allowing him to interact with characters that appeared to be real. Could this be the Project Morhpheus rival for Xbox One that we've heard whispers of? Regardless, this apparently could not convince Zelnick that virtual reality truly is the future of gaming either. As with everything, it all comes back to money:

We see no reason to innovate in terms of business models. We prefer to be a fast follower. No one else can make our intellectual property -- only we can. I'm happy to have other people spend loads of dough on R&D.

While the PC version of GTA V will certainly get a fan-made Oculus Rift mod before too long, don't hold your breath waiting to for Take-Two to officially throw its hat in the ring then. [Bloomberg TV]