High Pain Threshold? Make £40k as a Human Paintball Test Target

By Gerald Lynch on at

Strapped for cash in the run up to Christmas? Willing to take a battering for a bit of extra money in your pocket? Fearless when staring down the barrell of a gun? How's a new career in paintball bullet testing sound?

UK Paintball is on the hunt for a new seasonal "human bullet impact tester", a part time role worth £40,000 pro rata that requires the successful applicant to be shot with paintballs in order for the company to carry out safety tests. A risk of pain and bruising are all part of the job description, as trained professionals take pot shots at your unprotected body in order to ensure that paying customers don't go the way of Byker Grove's Ant "PJ" McPartlin:

"It is important for our health and safety checks that before any new batches of paint balls are given to paying customers, we check for faults and monitor the damage they can do to the body if they hit an area not protected by safety gear or clothing," says Justin Toohig, founder of

"Whoever is handed the role will essentially need to be shot at for roughly an hour or two a day, Monday to Friday, around our busy Christmas and New Year period at our headquarters in London."

It's the perfect role for "gap year students" and "those to whom fear is a foreign concept." And masochists, of course. [Telegraph]