HP's Gaudy Luxury Smartwatch Will Be Surprisingly Affordable

By Mario Aguilar on at

Here's our first detailed look at the Hewlitt-Packard "luxury" smartwatch teased a few months ago. It's designed to look like a fancy metal rich-guy watch, but at $350 (£219 directly converted*), you won't need to be a rich guy to buy it.

Called the MB Chronowing, the watch is designed by Michael Bastian. It's a 44mm stainless steel affair, with sapphire glass and a monochrome screen that's got some red accents. It pairs with both iOS and Android phones and will do a whole host of typical smartwatch things: You'll be able to read emails and texts, see the weather, control your music, "and more." The functionality is only described as "with the touch of a button," but it seems like it will be a minimal interface like what we saw on the Pebble Steel.

The watch will be available exclusively from Gilt when it goes on sale November 7th. The retailer tells you a lot about the target consumer: Somebody who smartwatch that doesn't look like a dang computer. Hey at least they offer shipping to the UK. [Gilt via WSJ]

*Exact UK price has yet to be announced