Huawei Splashes the Cash on Local 5G Network for UK University

By Gerald Lynch on at

Huawei has just announced it will be making significant investment into the UK's fledgling 5G expansion plans, pledging £5 million to the University of Surrey to help fund its research into the next-gen mobile data standard.

The university's 5G Innovation Centre is aiming to have a working, real-world test bed established by September of next year, with the first build stage commencing in April 2015. The plan is to have a local 5G network fully operational at the campus, serving the University of Surrey's 17,000 staff and students.

Huawei isn't being shy about throwing money around when it comes to 5G research. It's already pledged $600 million to 5G research globally by 2015, with plans to have live infrastructure up and running by 2018. Though it's still talking in theoretical terms, Huawei believes it can deliver 5G speeds of between 1 and 10 gigabits per second with the technologies it is developing.

Having been slow off the mark when it came to the roll-out of 4G speeds, the UK government is hoping to be a leader when it comes to 5G technologies, aiming to have network infrastructure in place by the early 2020s. Click here for everything you need to know so far about 5G download speeds. [The Next Web]