I Don't Remember 'GTA V' Looking This Bad on PS3

By Gerald Lynch on at

The "remake double-dip" -- perhaps the most contentious point of conversation surrounding the new generation of consoles. With relatively-recent last-gen hits like The Last of Us and the Xbox 360's Halo sequels getting remasters, the Gizmodo team has been creating ever-more elaborate justifications for slapping down the cash on new versions of games some of us bought little more than a year ago.

Justifying double-dipping on the new-gen remakes of Grand Theft Auto V however won't be difficult. Just look at this comparison clip, showing the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions side by side. Did the PS3 version really look that bad? Next to the PS4 edition, the upgrade is astonishing. The rain and night-lighting effects in the new version look incredible, as well as the increased density of rural foliage and pedestrians on the streets. What with other new features, such as the game-changing first person mode, I think Rockstar might as well rifle through my wallet right now.