I Need This Genius Spring Smasher to Crack My Nuts

By Eric Limer on at

Christmas is just around the corner. That means turkey, mashed potatoes, and also probably a bowl of nuts that still have the stupid shell on them for some stupid reason. What the hell is this, the Middle Ages?

Instead of reaching for some lame two-pronged cracker, or worse, some kitchen implement that looks like a smallish man with a terrifying grin and some sort of insane hat, I desperately want this spring-based "Naomi" cracker from Take 2. All the joy of stretching a slinky, all the functionality of a swift kick to the groin.

I Need This Genius Spring Smasher To Crack My Nuts

Fortunately we do not live in America, where this is very difficult to buy. For once it's easier for us Brits to buy something cool, and you can get yourself one on Amazon for a slightly OTT £25 (including shipping). [Take 2 via Digg]