iFixit Declares iPhone 6 Plus Reinforcement Rumours as Bogus

By Tom Pritchard on at

We all know the story, the iPhone 6 Plus would occasionally bend when harmlessly sitting in someone's pocket. Even though Apple and Foxconn both claimed it wasn't a widespread issue, some people were having problems. One Redditor claimed to have found evidence of reinforcement in new models, but according to iFixit that's all nonsense.

The Redditor originally claimed that the iPhone 6 Plus he bought recently was different to the one that his wife purchased at launch. Not only was it supposedly 21 grams heavier, he claimed that the area around volume buttons sounded less hollow when tapped, and that viewing the area under a microscope revealed a red object that was assumed to be reinforcing the weak points. He didn't provide any photo evidence, because of course he didn't.

iFixit decided that this needed to be checked out and went out to purchase a brand new iPhone 6 Plus to compare to a Day One model. There was a weight difference, a staggering 0.8 grams which is a a bit far off the 21 grams talked about on Reddit. In fact, iFixit said even this miniscule weight difference is nothing new, since Apple claims that small differences in the manufacturing process can lead to minor differences in weight. In fact anything up to 1.5 grams is to be expected, according to 9to5Mac.

iFixit doesn't seem to have commented on the 'evidence' of reinforcement, but considering there is virtually no weight difference between current and Day One models then it's highly unlikely that anything new has made it into the phone's chassis.

I'm sure a lot of people would have been very happy to hear that Apple had started reinforcing the iPhone 6 Plus but it doesn't appear to be the case, meaning you're actually going to have to take proper care of your phone. Bummer. [9to5Mac via Ubergizmo]

Image courtesy of iFixit