Interstellar's Two Biggest Stars are Its Hamilton Watches

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's full of space ships, Jenga-like talking robots and some of Hollywood's most recognisable actors, but Interstellar's two biggest stars prove to be a pair of Hamilton watches. Sorry Matthew, the "McConaissance" ends here.

Indeed, as far as product placement goes, Hamilton gets some serious bang for its buck here. Not one but two of their timepieces feature in the film, a Khaki Pilot Day Date worn by Matthew McConaughey's Cooper, and a custom piece donned by his onscreen daughter Murph (Jessica Chastain).

Chastain's Hamilton is not even merely costume attire -- the watch plays a pretty damned important role in the film's plot. Without giving anything away, it all gets a bit bloody stupid, with wormhole-sized plot holes. It's not exactly a bad film, but not the classic it's been framed as either: you'll be longing for the monotone, sentiment-free voice of HAL long before the film's near-three-hour run time rolls to credits.

Hamilton's watches appear in plenty of films, including the Men in Black trilogy and the Die Hard series. But the appeal to Interstellar director Christopher Nolan is obvious: they also feature in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the most obvious influence on Interstellar of all.

While only nine of Chastain's watches were made (purely for the film and promotional purposes), you can pick up McConaughey's Khaki Pilot Day Date for $895 (£564). Which is fairly reasonable, if a bit pricey considering his character is, initially at least, supposed to be a down-on-his-luck farmer... [Hamilton]