Is McDonald's the Future of the Church?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man has come up with an idea on how to reverse falling church attendances -- say there's a horrible place called "Hell" you go to when you die if you don't attend regularly. Actually no, that's the old way. The new idea is to open a McDonald's franchise inside a church, because people today like burgers more than Jesus.

Indiegogo fundraiser The McMass Project wants your money to revitalise churches by installing a burger restaurant in a newly-built church, claiming this would drive traffic, create revenues and bring together the sort of sad communities for whom taking their children out to eat terrible food constitutes a familial bonding experience.

And the project wants a million dollars to make it happen, basically, and probably won't get it because it looks like an enormous joke thought up by students. [Indiegogo via Vocativ]