It Turns Out That Alan Turing and Benedict Cumberbatch are Related

By Gerald Lynch on at

He's set to play the code-cracking World War II genius in The Imitation Game, hitting cinemas this week. But it turns out that actor Benedict Cumberbatch and Enigma code-cracker Alan Turing are more closely linked than merely through the biopic film role. In fact, the pair are distant relations of each other.

Alan Turing and Benedict Cumberbatch are 17th cousins on the paternal side, researchers from Ancestry UK have discovered.

The pair share a common ancestry with John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset, of the 14th century. OK, so it's not like Cumberbatch can call Turing "gramps" or anything, but it's a fascinating coincidence nonetheless!

The Imitation Game hits cinemas this Friday, November 14th, in the UK. Benedict puts in an incredibly convincing turn as the troubled Turing (it's in the blood, obviously), even if the rest of the film could benefit with a little less...ahem...calculated approach to Academy Award pandering. Read our full review here.