James Bond's Laser-Shooting Watch is Finally a Reality

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Thanks to some clever special effects, the gadgets that Q creates for James Bond and other MI6 agents are often well ahead of their time. So much so that it's only now, more than 31 years after Never Say Never Again debuted, that we finally have a wristwatch with a built-in laser powerful enough to do some damage.

James Bond's Laser-Cutting Watch Is Finally a Reality

Created by Patrick Priebe, who's well known for his creations that put coolness first and safety second, the carbon fibre-accented LaserWatch features an integrated 1,500-milliwatt blue laser that can be used for about five to ten minutes before the battery's dead. So it's best to save it until you find yourself in a real emergency.

Priebe isn't releasing plans on how to build your own, but he is toying with the idea of producing a few and selling them to a handful of needy spies. [YouTube via Pocket-lint]