LG is Ready to Give Bendable Phones and Rollable Tablets a Go

By Gerald Lynch on at

LG's G Watch R is one of our favourite smartwatches so far, in no small part thanks to its P-OLED display that allowed it to have a circular shape and retain great legibility, contrast levels, brightness and sharpness. It's a flexible display technology, and one that LG appears keen to exploit to its fullest, right across its entire product line up.

Explaining the benefits of P-OLED screens on its press blog, LG also posted a roadmap diagram showing its future intentions for the technology. Building from the curved LG G Flex handset that was revealed last year, it aims to have bending tablets and phones by 2015, foldable notebook screens by 2017 and, beyond that, rollable tablets and even televisions. It'd certainly make moving house less of a pain.

What does this mean for LG's output in the nearer future though? Any G4 successor to the LG G3 could potentially make use of a bendable screen -- after all, with the G3's high-resolution screen a prime example, LG's keen to make the flagship line a proving ground for its most advanced tech. Whether anyone actually needs a bendable phone (as shown by the dire G Flex), remains up to debate. [LG]