London's Pay-As-You-Go Oyster Card Daily Cap is Getting Cheaper Next Year

By Gerald Lynch on at

Oyster Card travel prices around London are to change next year, Transport for London has confirmed. And for once, they're (mostly!) going down.

Those who make regular Pay-As-You-Go fare journeys are to see the most benefit, with the daily cap on journeys without a Travelcard to be set at £6.40 for travel from Zones 1 to 2. That's £2 cheaper than the current £8.40 cap, and even 60p cheaper than the current off-peak cap. Those travelling further afield, between Zone 1-6, will also see the PAYG cap reduced, down £4 to £11.70.

The change is supposed to help ease the financial burden on London's vital part-time work force, who are currently stuck between expensive PAYG prices or the added cost of unnecessary weekly or monthly passes.

However, the shortfall needs to be made up somewhere of course, and that burden falls on single ride tube journey fares. They will go up by 10 pence, putting a Zone 1 commute up to £2.30.

It's arguable that those part-time workers will never really make any saving at all then, should they be solely travelling to and from work. Daytripper tourists however, hopping around London's sights without the need for a longer Travelcard pass, will save a few quid though. The full updated pricing list for 2015 can be found at the source. [ (PDF)]