Mancunian Gamers Beware: Police Will Raid For PlayStations if You Get Too Rowdy

By Gerald Lynch on at

A group of students in Manchester have had their PlayStation 3 console, DVD player and five Philips surround sound speakers confiscated by the police, as the students were using them noisily late at night.

It's an enforcement technique presumably learned from parental punishments up and down the country. In what could inspire a Cops / The Young Ones crossover show, police raided the gamers' digs on Friday afternoon, following repeated complaints from local residents that the students would be playing games at full volume as late as 4.00am.

A Samsung TV and laptop speakers were also removed from the Brailsford Road, Fallowfield address, which had been issued a noise abatement order previously.

Stating that the students' "noise making equipment" had been confiscated, a Manchester City Council spokesman said that: "This seizure demonstrates that we take these concerns from residents very seriously and we work closely with the police and universities to take action against any households that cause problems for their neighbours."

No word yet on whether or not the students were also sent to bed without any supper, or had their pocket money docked. [BBC]