Motorola's Gold Moto 360 is Real, and So is its Activity Tracking App

By Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan on at

First it was real, then it wasn't. Then it appeared on Amazon for a hot second. Today, Motorola finally did us all a favour and confirmed their shiny gold white whale of a smartwatch, the gold-faced Moto 360—along with some other design updates.

In a blog post today, Motorola announced some new peripherals for its round-faced watch, including interchangeable bands and an option for metal-faced bands in both grey and gold. You'll also be able to create your own interface design via an app called My Design, a feature we knew was coming after Motorola launched a design competition earlier this year. It's no surprise that the company wants to provide you with every opportunity to upgrade and customise your 360, just like Apple is hoping you'll spring for a wildly expensive luxe version of the Apple Watch.

Motorola's Gold Moto 360 Is Real, and So Is Its Activity Tracking App

And another update: A new feature called Moto Body, which will "an experience designed to inspire a healthier lifestyle," in the words of Moto's Lally Narwal. It sounds like the app will do everything you might expect a smartwatch health tracker to do: Count calories, steps, how far you've travelled, and heart rate. The slick circular interface looks like a nice addition:

Motorola's Gold Moto 360 Is Real, and So Is Its Activity Tracking App

It looks as though the "champagne gold" finish 360 will cost $330 (£208), a light metal version will run $300 (£189). UK pricing and release dates have yet to be revealed, but it looks as though they'll both be available in the US within a month or two. [Motorola]